Are dog kisses healthy or dangerous?

Some find them disgusting, others cute, others dangerous and some scientists even healthy: Dog kisses are actually a very controversial topic - not only in terms of good taste. What is it really all about with the wet dog tongue? Dog kisses strengthen the human-dog relationship - Shutterstock / Andresr

First of all: If your four-legged friend slides your face passionately again, you will most likely not die from it. On the contrary, it is possible: Scientists at the University of Arizona believe that dog saliva can be beneficial to human health.

The "probiotic kiss" - healthy through dog kisses?

The American scientists of the HAIRI (Human-Animal Interaction Research Initiative) are convinced that dog kisses stimulate the growth of benign microorganisms in our body and thus support us in terms of health and resilience. The thesis stands and works convincingly, but it has not yet been proven due to a lack of test subjects. What is certain, however, is the fact that children who grow up with dogs are less susceptible to diseases such as asthma, respiratory diseases or allergies. Small amounts of bacteria strengthen the human immune system, probably also the microbes on the dog's tongue. Nevertheless, as a dog lover you should also exercise a certain caution - the "probiotic dog kiss" is not always a good alternative to the "probiotic yogurt".

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Dog kisses also harbor dangers

Dog kisses are usually not dangerous, provided your fur nose is healthy, vaccinated and worm-free. But even then there is always a certain residual risk that you could get sick from pathogens in the dog's saliva. Especially if you are weakened or have a health problem, you should avoid dog kisses. The wet proofs of love can also be dangerous if your four-legged friend has previously sniffed or even licked dead animals or feces while walking the dog. Worm eggs or pathogens that are harmful to humans could then be transmitted to you through the kiss that is actually meant to be loved.

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