Friendly lab wants to adopt baby bunny

The dear dog in the video discovered something! Indeed! It is a baby bunny and it seems that the little hoppler has enchanted the big dog named Meg in no time at all. The Labrador would love to adopt the tiny long-eared baby directly.

First, the big bitch sniffs the tiny animal that she discovered in the grass. The tuft of fur also stretches out his nose for his new girlfriend. Little by little, the mini bunny is becoming more and more active and will soon be jumping happily.

Meg then gets up very carefully and looks at her little friend from all sides. Later in the video, it seems as if Meg wants to encourage the little bitch to jump and gently nudge again and again. A sweet game that the two Schnuffelschnuten play there!

Baby rabbits: small, cute and cuddly

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