Are you ready for a dog? 5 requirements

You would like to take a four-legged friend into your household, but do not know whether you are ready for a dog? The following five requirements pave the way for a dog to feel comfortable with you. In any case, you should be aware that a dog is associated with a lot of responsibility and should only move in with you if you can and want to offer him a species-appropriate and happy home. A dog enriches everyone in the household and includes the whole family - Shutterstock / Monkey Business

A dog is a decision for life. A lot changes when a pet comes. Playing, walking, petting and the like are one side of the coin, the other are visits to the vet, feed costs, taxes and the like. But it is always worth the effort to give a pet a loving and responsible home. In any case, the decision should be well thought out.

1. You have enough time for your dog

Dogs should not be left alone for long, especially not for a whole working day. Can another family member be there for the fur nose while at work or can you take your dog to work, for example to the office? A dog that should only be available for cuddling in the evening, but is not busy enough, does not lead a happy life. However, if you can offer your animal partner sufficient activity, fun and love, this is one of the most important requirements for your own dog! Sufficient exercise and exercise, visits to the vet, going for a walk even in bad weather - all of this should be a matter of course for dog owners.

2. You can afford a dog

Feed costs, veterinary bills, taxes, insurance - the costs incurred and regular for a pet should not be underestimated in addition to purchase costs. Calculate all expenses before buying a dog, so that you won't be killed by them afterwards. If you can afford a dog, an important hurdle has been cleared. Tip: A dog from the shelter is cheaper than a dog from the breeder. Give a new home to an animal from the shelter, and do something good.

3. You have enough space for woof

Is your apartment big enough for another family member or do you even have your own house with a garden or a free-run facility? Great, your dog appreciates space. If the apartment is too small, a dog will not feel comfortable. The size of the apartment depends on the size and requirements of the dog - if in doubt, ask your veterinarian about the minimum size. In general, you should carefully inform yourself about the requirements and requirements of the respective dog breed before you buy a dog. This is the only way to keep it species and race-friendly.

Buy dog ​​- yes or no?

If you want to buy a dog, you are making a big decision. Not only everyone goes with her ...

4. Everyone looks forward to the dog

When you buy a dog, not only should you be ready for it, but everyone living in the house. Everyone is looking forward to woof and are ready to take on responsibility? Also, nobody has an allergy to animal hair? Great, then the dog will be happy too.

5. You are patient and consistent

Living with pets occasionally requires a lot of patience and a certain degree of consistency as well as the will to proper dog training. For example, when raising puppies - dogs first have to be house-trained - or when enduring occasional chaos - dogs do not always pay the same attention as people to whether their feet or paws are clean. With a dog there is always a little lovable chaos. At best, you don't have a cleanliness fanatic in the household and you are not too quickly overwhelmed with anything that a pet can do. Your four-legged friend must be well behaved so that everything runs to your satisfaction. This requires practical knowledge of dog training and the consistent implementation of training measures.

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