How to Find Out Where Dog Foods Are Manufactured

It can be comforting to know where your dog food comes from -- after all, your best friend eats it every single day. Whether you prefer supporting domestic manufacturers or are simply curious, determining the origin of your dog's food can be as simple as looking at the package. Some brands are more transparent than others, so you may need to do some cursory research to determine where your food was manufactured -- it doesn't typically take more than a few minutes, though.

Step 1

Read the fine print. Many dog foods say right on the package where they were manufactured.

Step 2

Check the brand's website for more details. For example, Blue Buffalo's website reveals that all of its products are manufactured in the United States, while Nature's Domain's website goes even further, naming every state in which it manufactures its dog food.

Step 3

Go further up the chain to the dog food's parent company. The corporate website may offer details about where its food is manufactured, though this information may be broader in scope. For example, Milk Bones are made by Del Monte Foods, which states on its website that most of its products are made in the United States, though it also has manufacturing facilities in two other countries.

Step 4

Contact the company to enquire about its manufacturing facilities. Most brands have contact information readily available on their websites, enabling you to file any enquiries with a brand representative. If you don't have access to a computer, the dog food bag or can typically has a phone number listed for questions and comments.


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