Cole and Marmalade are amazed at the money box

Cole and Marmalade are two particularly curious cats and their favorite person Chris Poole keeps coming up with new ideas to keep them entertained. In this video, the fur noses get to know a cat money box - and don't really know what to think about it.

The cat money box consists of a small box in which a cute cat robot sits. In a corner of the money box there is a small platform on which coins can be placed. The weight of the coin triggers a mechanism by which the cat robot sticks its head out of the box and paws for the coin to pull it into the money box.

Cole is braver than Marmalade and carefully examines the cat money box. "How does that work?" He seems to be surprised. His younger adoptive brother Marmalade, on the other hand, doesn't trust the whole thing. He prefers to keep his distance and would rather not know exactly what the little cat robot in the box is up to.

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