What Is the Fastest & Easiest Way to Clean Dogs Paws?

Whether it's snow or rain, the weather can create conditions that leave your pooch's feet muddy. Instead of chasing your dog around the house to clean his paws in the bathtub, use a method that doesn't bother him. Doggie wipes are an option that is both easy and quick to use.

Doggie Wipes

Doggie wipes are by far the fastest and easiest way to clean dirty dog paws. They are just like the wipes you might use on your toddler's tush or to clean your hands when there's no soap and water, but these are made specifically for dogs. Pull a wipe from the container, wipe down your dog's paws and that's it. You may need to use more than one depending on the size of your dog.

Benefits of Doggie Wipes

The most obvious benefit is not having to wash your dog's paws with shampoo. It's also convenient to not have to run to the bathroom to get a wet washcloth, because you know your dog isn't going to sit and wait for you to come back. You'll come back to a carpet covered in paw prints. Another benefit is how quickly your dog's feet will dry. By the time you've wiped down all four paws, the last paw will be slightly damp, but not enough to hurt your flooring. You can also choose from different scents -- or no scent at all if your dog has allergies.

Tips for Easy Use

Keep a canister of wipes by the door so that when you bring your dog inside, you can quickly clean his paws in the entryway. Make sure to always get the canister closed tightly or the wipes will dry out. If you don't use the wipes frequently, also check them periodically for moisture. If they do dry out, a bit of hot water can be added to the container to revive them. Allow the wipes to cool before use. If you take your dog with you whenever you go, you'll also want to keep a canister in the car so that you can wipe your dog's paws before he gets in the car.

Prevent Dirty Paws

One of the easiest things you can do to prevent dirty dog paws is to put booties on your dog. People often think of dog booties during the cold, winter months, but they are also good anytime it's muddy. If you like to take your dog on hikes, booties will keep his feet clean and protected.


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