Ragdoll tomcat Timo and Toby have a plush, fleecy duel

Oh yes, siblings! Sometimes they are a heart and a soul - then they cable themselves again for no reason. The two Ragdoll cats Timo and Toby are no different, as can be seen in the following video.

Ragdoll cat Toby made himself comfortable on a table on the terrace when his big cat brother Timo arrived and apparently was out for a fight. Nanu? So you don't know the otherwise deeply relaxed Timo?

After the two cats have circled each other and have scowled each other's eyes, they nudge each other with their soft paws. The puffy tails whip back and forth uneasily.

In between there is even a short but extremely fluffy wrestling match between the two plush noses. Who won in the end? Draw. Fortunately, everything was just a game - as is the case with siblings.

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