Illuminated toys for cats: class on dark days!

Autumn is here and it is getting dark earlier - perfect to surprise our beloved room tigers with a little variety at the end of the day! We have found four beautiful articles with which you do not need fixed lighting in the living room, but a playful cat who likes to hunt light. And frolicking in the leaves makes kitten fun, as you can see - Image: Shutterstock / Tony Campbell

Run, hunt, catch: with light toys, house tigers really get going! Classics and extravagant ideas are the perfect opportunities to treat cats to their heart's content. We particularly like these four:

1. Chasing the laser pointer: But sure!

Cats love laser pointers, but many cat owners are a little concerned about the safety of their house tigers when playing. If you accidentally shine them in the eyes, it can be dangerous - luckily, there are now glare-free laser pointers like this one, with which you can be confident even with the wildest gaming fun.

2. Fun has to be: a ball that lights up and flashes

Most cats do not need an invitation to play ball. Nevertheless, a glowing ball brings a certain amount of extra motivation and is a real eye-catcher in the apartment because it gives the dreary autumn days a little more color. Simply roll away and the ball starts to blink.

3. Illuminated balls set the pace: the playing track

If you start in the dark in the morning and want to make your cats particularly exciting in the morning, you are well advised to use an illuminated and popular activity toy like this one. The play rail appeals to your cat's hunting instinct, touch, hearing and sight and guarantees lots of fun with various construction options!

4. The slightly different laser pointer

There is also a solution for the owners of particularly tireless laser pointer hunters: This laser pointer is adjustable and automatically occupies your cat. It is battery operated and controls the laser randomly after switching on so that your cat can whiz around and chase after it as it pleases. The playing time can be varied by timer.

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