Buy dog ​​kennels: Observe animal welfare regulations

Would you like to buy a dog kennel for your dog? A good idea, provided you adhere to the legal requirements when accommodating in the kennel and don't let your fur nose live exclusively in the kennel, but only temporarily. Exclusive kennel keeping is not appropriate for the species. Nevertheless, a kennel is a good addition for four-legged friends. Read more about buying and animal welfare here. A dog kennel is not a permanent place for a dog, but your fur nose can be safely accommodated here if you are not at home for a while - Shutterstock / Dervin Witmer

The difference between a dog kennel and a dog house is primarily the size. Kennels are significantly larger and offer dogs space to stand in and walk around. Accordingly, you have to dig deeper into your wallet when buying a dog kennel. The bars are characteristic, which almost every kennel has. There are clear rules for the outdoor space - namely in the Animal Welfare Dog Ordinance.

Buy dog ​​kennels: Observe animal protection requirements

The minimum size of a kennel depends on the shoulder height (withers height) of the animal. So you have to consider the following levels:

  • ● Shoulder height up to 50 cm - floor area at least 6 m²
  • ● Shoulder height from 50 to 65 cm - floor area at least 8 m²
  • ● Shoulder height over 65 cm - floor area at least 10 m²

The length of each side must be at least twice the body length of the animal, no side can be shorter than two meters. Note that the specifications are minimum sizes; every dog ​​is happy about more space in the dog kennel. The regulation also stipulates: "A dog must be given sufficient exercise outdoors outside of a kennel ... and sufficient handling of the person who is holding, taking care of or taking care of the dog (caregiver) Adjust age and health of the dog. " (TierSchHuV §2 (1))

Especially if you build a kennel yourself, you should take a close look at the specifications. You can find further important information on keeping animals in the animal protection regulation under §6 "Requirements for keeping animals".

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Buying dog kennels: Many options

You can find a wide selection of dog kennels in specialist shops. As a rule, the buildings are made of wood and have free sides with bars. The floor must be robust and non-slip and there must be a roof. Important: Choose a location for the dog kennel that gives your dog a view of the house - so that he has everything in view while he is outside. A kennel must be built without hazardous materials and without the risk of injury from sharp edges or other sources of danger. It is best to inform yourself in specialist shops about the safety aspects. Ideally, you should buy a dog kennel from a local specialist dealer, where you can get good advice.

Basically there are kennels in all sizes, shapes and colors. There must be an integrated dog house in the kennel. Retreats, space to sleep and eat, and protection from wind and weather are prerequisites for an animal-friendly kennel.

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