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Cat Rosie teaches her protégé Tommy everything

In the video "Cat Rosie takes care of kittens", the former foundling Rosie got to know all tiny tiny mini-cats who needed a lot of love and care. One of the foster kittens, tabby tomcat Tommy, has a special love for cat Rosie. As if she were his real cat mom, Rosie makes sure that nothing happens to the cute man and that he is not accidentally lost, as can be seen in this video.

When Rosie was a tiny little kitten, she was saved at the very last second by today's favorite people. She was raised by the meek husky lady Lilo, who treated the little ball of fur like her own child and showered it with love and affection. Rosie is already big today, but she still has a close bond with Lilo. The bitch was obviously a great teacher, because Rosie has learned to take care of little creatures who need their help too - like kitty Tommy. Since Rosie grew up with dogs, she learned early on to walk on a leash, and Tommy is also allowed to go to the pet shop or outside for a walk on a leash.

Cat Rosie makes sure that the curious little adventurer doesn't put himself in danger and always stays close to her. From time to time, Rosie's human family takes care of kittens, peps them up and places them in a loving new home as soon as the Schnuffelschnuten are old enough. At the end of June Tommy will also join a new family and then say goodbye to his adoptive mom Rosie. Even if it is a little sad, it is nice that the little foster cat comes to dear people who take in the sweet racer in themselves and in their hearts.

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