Dog enjoys music in the coolest way imaginable

Beastly relaxed - that's how you can describe the four-legged friend Chasimo. The dog knows how to chill with good music. This is impressively demonstrated by a YouTube video.

In the clip, Chasimo can be seen in front of a kind of fruit stand. Music sounds from a smartphone that is located directly in front of the fur nose. The dog shakes his head for the song "La Manzanita" by the band Chicano Batman - of course in time, of course.

The four-legged friend enjoys the music. Even more: he seems to feel them literally. Exactly that is evident from his facial expression and his look.

Herr Gustavo Ramirez shared the video of the four-legged friend on the Internet. Since then, it has thrilled the network community, as can be seen from various YouTube comments.

"What a chilled dog," says one user, while another, apparently fascinated by Fellnase Chasimo, just writes: "Legend!" Another third gets to the point: "This dog knows how to chill." There should be nothing left to add.

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