Simon's Cat: fight for the TV armchair

Actually, Simon just wants to spend a nice evening in his TV armchair. But his idiosyncratic little tiger doesn't make it that easy for him. The famous Internet hangover has it all.

In a current episode of Simon's Cat, the master of the velvet paw makes himself comfortable in front of the TV in the TV armchair. He wants to watch a football game in peace, but has made the calculation without his hangover.

The room tiger initially lies comfortably on the armrest. But Simon's Cat would not be Simon's Cat if he were satisfied with it: The fur nose takes the first possible opportunity to secure a place in the armchair. This is of course much more comfortable than an armrest.

But Simon doesn't want to let that sit on him. What comes must come: A small, funny fight between the cat and the owner ignites. And, as always, Simon's Cat ultimately succeeds in asserting himself.

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