How to teach your cat her name

Not only dogs, but also cats can be taught their names. Assuming the cooperation of your cat, you can use a few simple tricks to ensure that your velvet paw soon listens to your word Image: Shutterstock / Dan Tautan

Just like other pets, cats naturally have names. So that the kitty knows its name itself, you can teach your cat its name so that it listens to it. This has many advantages. Here are the necessary tips!

The right name makes the difference

If you want to teach your cat its name, you should make sure from the start that it can remember it well. Choose . Names with bright vowels like "i" or "a" are best suited.

If, according to the family tree, your cat has a complicated, rather atypical name, just make it a two-syllable nickname - she will thank you. Behavioral researchers have found that cats can better memorize names with two syllables. Velvet paws can still understand and classify short names even from a distance. Two-syllable should be a cat name so that it differs from commands such as "Come!" or "seat!" different.

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Teach your cat's name with positive reinforcement

Name your room tiger or your free-faller as often as possible - and only in pleasant, positive situations. Addressing your cat by name while petting and feeding it will quickly learn that there is something beautiful in that word. This upbringing tactic is called positive reinforcement - it is important that you never give your cat's name when you scold it.

Call cat by name: flatter her

Call and say the name always flattering and loving - cats like to be courted. When the kitten comes, reward them. In plain language: Do not put her in the transport box and take her to the vet if she has heard her name. The kitty memorize this particularly well. And since cats always follow their free will, they only listen to their names if they feel like it.

You can find more tips on choosing the right name in the guide: "Choosing a cat name: you should pay attention to this".

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