With the cat to the vet: 5 tips for a more relaxed journey

The cat is a creature of habit. Almost all velvet paws feel uncomfortable in foreign surroundings. When driving by car or bus, they also lose safe ground under their paws. Most of the time they combine this with the unpleasant visit to the vet. However, if you follow a few simple tips, the trip to the vet will be much more relaxed for you and your parlor tiger. With a few tips, your cat stays relaxed on the way to the vet - Image: Shutterstock / FXEGS Javier Espuny

1. Transport safely

Even if you think that your cat feels more comfortable on the lap of the passenger: for your and the safety of the cat, it is imperative that you transport the animal in a transport box. This must be securely fastened with the seat belt. This secure transport is required by law. If the cat is just sitting in the car, it can tear away at any time, run wild in the car and, in the worst case, cause an accident because you as the driver are no longer paying attention to the road.

2. Get used to the box

If you only use the transport box to drive your darling to the vet, you will most likely have problems the second time. The cat will relate the box to the vet visit and refuse to go inside. Set up the box days before the first ride and connect it with something positive. For example, you can put treats in them or provide them with a comfortable pillow so your velvet paw may even want to sleep in them.

3. Make positive experiences

Bring your pet to the veterinarian as a young animal - for a routine check-up that does nothing bad to the kitten. If a cat is in pain the first time they visit the vet, they will also associate these feelings with a drive. Try to avoid this by first letting the young cat have a positive experience at the vet. The same naturally also applies to older semesters.

4. Radiate serenity

Stress and excitement are easily transmitted to cats. Therefore, behave normally before you go to the vet. Keep calm even if your pet runs wild in the box or shows other panic reactions. Pity only reinforces the cat. If you let your darling feel that he is poor, he will believe you.

5. Reward extensively

When everything is over, you can reward your velvet paw extensively. For example, cook something tasty for your cat after driving to the vet or play together in the garden. Firstly, the stress is quickly forgotten and secondly, your cat will combine the visit to the vet with the reward at some point.

Choose a transport box for your cat

Even if your cat would rather prefer to do without it: Now and then she has to go into the acidic ...

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