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Sales contract for cats: what's in it?

A sales contract for cats is an important way to identify good breeders and sellers. These usually insist on such a written agreement. A kind of sales contract is also concluded in the shelter; This so-called protection contract also defines the rights and obligations of the new cat owner and those of the animal shelter. You should pay attention to the following points. "Psst, did you think of the sales contract for us?" The kitten whispers in his buddy’s ear - Shutterstock / dezi

In addition to the names and addresses of sellers and buyers, the purchase contract for cats usually also contains information about the cat's health and whether it has already been vaccinated. In addition, your new pet is described in detail and other individual agreements are noted.

What is regulated in the purchase contract for cats

Mandatory information in the purchase contract for cats are the name and address of the seller and the buyer and a precise description of the cat - which is then referred to as "object of purchase" in the sober official German. This concerns the name, the litter date, the breed and the color of the cat as well as the gender and whether she is already neutered. In the case of pedigree cats, both parents of the velvet paw, the stud book number and information on the pedigree must also be recorded there.

If your new cat is already chipped, which is usually the case with pedigree cats, the chip number is also noted in the purchase contract. Another mandatory information is the purchase price with details of the payment method and possible down payments. In addition, the contract usually states when you can pick up your cat, whether it has been examined by a veterinarian, found healthy and vaccinated and which facilities are included in the purchase contract. This includes the vaccination certificate or the EU pet passport, a copy of the veterinary health certificate and the pedigree for pedigree cats. You can see a sample contract, for example, on the website.

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Optional information in the purchase contract

The protection contract for animal shelters usually also states how high the protection fee is and whether your cat needs special medical care, nutrition or housing conditions. In addition, some animal shelters reserve the right to drop in on a check-up visit and see if your new pet is comfortable with you. That can also be in the contract. The sales contract for pedigree cats also often states whether you can breed with your little animal yourself, whether it is suitable as an exhibition cat or whether it is a so-called pet.