Winter fun with Christmas toys for dogs

The cold, dark winter quickly becomes boring for dogs. The perfect way to prevent this: a new toy! Today we have collected some sweet, winter ideas for Christmas fans. Winter fun with Christmas toys - Image: Shutterstock / DragoNika

1. Glows in the dark: The Snowman Ball

This cute toy ball delights the owner with a Christmas motif and the dog with a squeak that sounds when he chews on it. Particularly practical: you can also play in the evening with the chic Christmas ball. If it gets lost, you can find it easily because it glows in the dark.

2. Dog biscuits: The Christmas reward for in between

Dogs also like cookies, but of course they should not eat them. Fortunately, there are Christmas cookies that are made especially for dogs. They were carefully made from food-quality ingredients and are not only well received as a reward for playing, but also as a little joy in between.

3. Sweet dream team to play: snowman and reindeer

These animal friends are not only popular in the run-up to Christmas, but also perfect Christmas gifts for playful four-legged friends. The cotton ring on the toy ensures that the soft toys with the integrated squeaker are also ideal for retrieving.

4. Cute gingerbread man for cuddling, squeaking and playing

Oh, how nice that this cute gingerbread man is exceptionally not meant to be eaten! Fluffy, squeaky and washable at 30 degrees, it is made to give pleasure to its animal owner and also offers a really cute sight. Who can resist?

Animal winter fun with dogs