How to groom a kitten: The first few weeks

If your cat has had a baby, one thing is particularly important: the little kittens need the support of their mother in the first weeks after birth. The owner's job is to create the right environment so that the mother and her offspring are well. In the first weeks, the cat mom takes care of her babies - Image: Shutterstock / Smit

The best way to take care of a kitten is if you, the owner, understand what happens to the little ones in the first weeks after birth. The eyes and ears only open in the course of the second week, and the body temperature cannot yet be regulated by the baby cats themselves. The mother does this for her, as does hygiene and, of course, feeding. So what can you do to make life easier for the little ones?

Take care of the mother!

Make sure that the mother and children are at peace and not being disturbed too much. In the first few weeks, this applies especially to the nest in which the kittens were born and grow up. The daily life of newborns is actually just eating and sleeping - so you don't have to intervene much. Because a kitten grows especially when sleeping, do not wake the little ones if possible. The kitten should gain about 100 grams per week. If not, the animal may be sick, so a veterinarian should be consulted.

If you take care of a kitten, you must also pay attention to whether the kittens develop diseases such as eye infections in the first few weeks. Otherwise, the little ones are cared for indirectly - by paying particular attention to the mother in the first few weeks after the birth. For example, it is important to adhere to a special diet for new mothers, so that they can provide their babies with enough milk and also meet their own nutritional needs - this is significantly increased in lactating cats.

Caring for a kitten: be tender

From week four onwards, as a cat owner, you can really take part in the life of the little velvet paws: you begin to crawl around slowly, and the very clever ones take the first small steps. The mother will now allow you to take her children out of the nest and stroke them extensively, which the little ones will enjoy. Caring for a kitten also means getting used to people - this is particularly successful with such cuddles.

Now it is also time to set up small, as flat as possible bowls of cat litter so that the offspring can learn to be house-trained in collaboration with the mother. The little ones can also eat their first solid food from about the fourth week of life: It is best to use special kitten food, baby food or pureed cat food.

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