Vitamin C for the dog: Sauer makes Maymo funny

It is autumn outside, there is nothing better than a hot lemon with a good dash of vitamin C. That also applies to the dog, right? The Beagle Maymo can't really decide what to make of it, making it a hairy protagonist in one of the cutest dog videos of the past year.

The little lemon beagle named Maymo is somehow not quite so happy with the lemon. At the same time, the funny four-legged friend is very fascinated by the yellow fruit. Does he know about the preventive effect of vitamin C against colds? The playful Maymo has to shake again and again because the object of desire is simply too sour for him. But then he does not want to let go of it either: after all, what a proper dog calls himself does not show any weakness. The video definitely proves that sour actually makes fun - at least as a viewer of the spectacle you have your dear joy.