Bed jumpers: dogs and cats in German beds

Can your cat sleep in your bed? Or does your dog cuddle up under your blanket? If pets are allowed to sleep in Muchens or Herrchens bed, then this meets with a shared echo. A survey has now shown that men and women tick differently here. In addition, the chances of success are unevenly distributed over nightly cuddling hours with dogs and cats. Dog Tired? Then off to master in bed - Image: (CC) Flickr / Plutor (Logan Ingalls)

Dog Tired? Then off to master in bed - Image: (CC) Flickr / Plutor (Logan Ingalls) Highly popular with single women: The cat in bed - Photo: (CC) Flickr / Schani (Mark Probst)

According to the representative survey of the real estate portal, 41 percent of German dog and cat owners let their pets sleep in bed with them. In return, for 19 percent of the four-legged friends that they have to sleep without a mistress or master, another third is allowed to sleep in the same room. Cats even get a little easier to get human body heat: According to the survey, almost half of cat friends would allow jumping into bed - in contrast, it is only 37 percent for dogs. Neither does a dog look help - maybe they would take a few hours of tutoring on colleague Samtpfote's body care a little closer to the bed.

If mistresses or masters have no partner, the chances of pets to end up in bed with them increase. The motto seems to be: "Better a partner with a cold nose than no partner at all!" According to the survey, at least almost two thirds of all single women say so. In the case of single men, however, only 44 percent of the beds are free for dogs or cats. The pets in need of cuddling know, of course, why this is so: after all, they are more loyal than any human partner can be - they simply deserve the cozy place to sleep.

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