Cutting dog's claws: what to look for

If your dog's claws get too long, it's time to pick up the pliers and cut the dog's claws. But the procedure needs to be learned and should only be carried out with suitable tips and a little practice.

The procedure is as useful as it is important for the well-being and health of your favorite four-legged friend.


Once the dog's claws are too long, they don't just hinder him from walking. Dog claws that are too long prevent the animals from finding sufficient hold on smooth surfaces and even cause them pain. But when are the claws too long? When your dog is standing, his toes should not touch the floor. The claws often wear themselves out on asphalt or other hard surfaces.

However, since most walks lead over softer surfaces such as forest floors, this effect does not apply. The consequences of the dog having to wear when the unused fifth toes grow back into the flesh, which is extremely uncomfortable. Then at the latest it is time to familiarize yourself with the pedicure for our best friends and to cut the dog's claws.

Cutting dog's claws: which utensils do you need?

If you want to cut the dog's claws for your four-legged friend, you need claw pliers in the first place. A claw trimmer is usually sufficient for smaller animals. To prevent injuries, your dog should keep as still as possible when cutting the claws. Therefore, make sure that your pet feels comfortable. Let him willingly give you paws and practice with the dog beforehand: he should leave his paw in your hand and only pull it back when you ask him to. Scissors that are rounded at the front also prevent injuries.

Cutting dog's claws: which tools should I use?

Cutting dog's claws yourself requires a bit of practice and the right tools. Before it…

Risk of injury: Caution when shortening the claws

Basically, it is recommended to have the vet show you how to cut the dog's claws before the first time. He can explain the most important steps and give tips on what you can do if there is bleeding. Because you should remember that the dog's claw is made of horn and is therefore supplied with blood almost to the top. For this reason, you should gradually cut very small and especially straight sections of about one millimeter to avoid injuries.

As you get closer to the blood vessels, you will notice this as the texture of the cut surface changes. If you stick to the disk method described above, you won't hurt your dog. Make sure there is enough light to make the blood vessels visible even in dogs with dark claws. These zones are often visible in animals with a light horn.

Paw care as the crowning conclusion

For pedicures you should also have fur scissors and balm on hand. Because if you cut the dog's claws, paw care should also be on the program for the dog, such as a paw bath and trimming the hair between the bales. Finally, you can pamper your loved one with a balm massage for the paws.

Read on here: Which tools should you use?

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  • person

    16-02-2017 12:02:33

    singer margit: my bitch had to be sedated at the last claw cutter because it performs like this but the claws have to be shortened (black claws) but since I don't want to sedate my bitch every 2-3 months I had another idea tedious but with training and tasty treats does it work I file it is laborious but now it works even without delicious the hind paws it already stretches by itself z to persuade me with the front paws soon I also have the claws on the front paws as they belong takes a little bit but it works (file for artificial nails) I can now without my pulse at 1000 is completely normal file the claws hold each nail individually take the paw and do not want to hold it well it doesn't have to be like that but my dog ​​is relaxed next to me and the claw files no roblem Report more abuse
  • person

    29-04-2016 15:04:39

    MaukeAlbrecher: Just get on your bike and ride a bike for 5 km, on asphalt or the like. Report abuse
  • 19-06-2013 23:06:06

    MarinaKortig: So I cut my dog's claws regularly and that wasn't a problem right from the start. Report abuse
  • person

    19-06-2013 22:06:30

    sabinehartung33: I have to honestly say that cutting claws is not an easy thing for dogs. The mine was done for the first time by mine. But when I was supposed to do it myself later, it was a little disaster. My dog ​​always flinched and I was afraid to hurt him. But today it works very well. Report abuse
  • 26-03-2013 13:03:02

    mariekastner75: I always cut dog claws myself. Mine doesn't line up and my vet showed me how to do it correctly :) Report abuse
  • 20-03-2013 20:03:56

    susannekell: do you do it yourself or do you go to the vet? Report abuse
  • 20-03-2013 16:03:32

    nadinelau35: So mine is not cutting dog claws at all, I'm very happy :) Report abuse
  • person

    19-03-2013 13:03:00

    johannawechseller: cut dog claws is totally stupid. I do it, but it's always such a stress ... report abuse
  • 19-03-2013 12:03:51

    simonethalberg: So mine is always really nice when cutting dog claws :) Report abuse
  • 19-03-2013 11:03:10

    lauragartne: Good to know. I am always afraid of cutting my claws that I hurt my little one! Report abuse