Not so easy: home office with a Siamese cat

Siamese cat Elvis is not a big fan of computers, at least not if his owner sits on you and has to work. Sure, he comes up with a lot when his wife wants to work at home and actually has no time for him right now ...

"Now is Elvis time!", The cuddly four-legged friend seems to think and climbs onto the lap of his owner to make himself comfortable there. But that's not enough, because now the sweet fur nose wants to be caressed and cuddled.

Then Elvis has to first check what his owner has in the cup, because after all it is important to always have everything in view. At the end there is something to eat for the devoted Siamese cat - which he comments with an enthusiastic munch. It was definitely a nice day for Elvis! But whether his owner did something too?

Siamese cat - an elegant feast for the eyes

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