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Skin fungus in dogs: how to recognize him

Skin fungus in dogs can be very uncomfortable. If you want to recognize the disease in your four-legged friend, you should pay attention to the following skin changes and other signs. If you recognize skin fungus in your dog, you should quickly take him to the doctor - Image: Shutterstock / Jaromir Chalabala

The cause of skin fungus in dogs is the microsporum canis. The four-legged friends - by the way cats as well as dogs - are often infected by physical contact with other infected animals or humans. But objects such as carpets, blankets, baskets or even combs and brushes can also transmit the pathogen. If the animal suffers from stress or infestation with parasites, this can certainly favor the skin disease.

Recognizing skin fungus in dogs: signs

If you suspect a skin fungus in your dog, you should pay particular attention to symptoms on the skin. A fairly typical sign of the disease is round spots on the skin that can spread out and flow together. The skin often heals in the middle of this area and is slightly darker than in the immediate vicinity.

The hair roots are also damaged by the skin fungus. You can also recognize him by the fact that the hair breaks off around the affected areas and in the worst case falls out.

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Better to the vet?

If you suspect skin fungus in the dog, it is best to take your four-legged friend to the vet immediately. He then provides your little patient with the right medicine. Fast treatment is also important so that animals or people belonging to the household do not become infected with the disease.

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