Why is my cat running around like a maniac

Why is my cat running around like a maniac?!

Cats are awesome. They purr, they love, they sleep, they climb. Basically, they're a bundle of fun.

But in addition to being awesome, cats are also super intelligent. They understand a surprising number of human commands, and because of that they can be surprisingly mischievous. Case in point: the video above.

In it, a curious cat has a hard time getting its paws on the toy that it wants. As you can see, it tries, and then tries again. Even a second try isn't enough.

If you've ever observed your cat in this situation, you know exactly what happens next. They go and get the food, or they go get the toy. It's as simple as that.

And since your cat is so damn smart, it knows that if it keeps going over to that toy box, you'll just scoop it up again and give it to it.

The cat understands this perfectly, and it takes off with the toy in its mouth. But before it knows it, it has crossed a line. Your hands, which are attached to the table that it's standing on, come running over, and it runs off. It thinks that it has just gotten away with a piece of its own candy, but it hadn't. Your hand had run the correct course, and because of that it has just become prey.

For an animal that is meant to be our companion and friend, cats can be pretty mean. But sometimes, in their haste to get away with their treasure, they fail to avoid something else entirely.

Your cat has a problem with running away with the toy, but it has a more serious problem with getting away with being stupid.

Can you teach your cat to be more careful, even when it's running away with something good? You'd think that they could learn to walk before they learned to run, but cats are pretty much the opposite of that. You teach a cat to run because it's something you cannot control. And, unfortunately, you can never fully control it because you never know what kind of day it's going to have.

If you have a cat that is running with its own ball, you'd want to teach it that it should put it back on the floor so that you can pick it up yourself. Of course, the toy isn't really worth that much to begin with.

But when your cat gets to the point where it can't even be bothered to put it down, maybe it's time to put some things away for it. A cat really doesn't need to pick up a toy and start running around with it. And if it doesn't see that, then you're going to have to do the job.

It's not worth the effort if you can just let the cat do it. And as long as it isn't stealing your money or eating your belongings, why should you care?

When you pick up that ball or toy, the cat might be annoyed. They'll usually try to run out of the room, but this only makes it harder for you to catch it.

Instead, you want to take it somewhere else so that you can teach the cat that your home is its home and you aren't going to let it out of your sight.

The cat isn't going to like that. But it's worth a shot to see if they do learn to walk.

Once your cat is used to the fact that you're not letting it out of your sight, then you can start looking for a good toy to give to it.

Now, don't be too surprised if you can't find a toy. Most cats get bored if they have nothing to do. But you should try to find one that the cat is already interested in. You don't want to give it a dog bone.

Instead, look for a cat toy that resembles a feather or a ball of yarn.

The cat will use these toys and get interested in playing with them. Soon enough, it's going to want to practice these games. But because it's a cat toy, you'll have to be sure it isn't going to bite it or play rough with it.

Make sure it doesn't jump up on you or your partner if you do find one. And, of course, don't play rough with it either.

Play is supposed to be fun, but not when the cat is involved. If you like playing with a toy, make sure you keep it away from the cat. You don't want the cat to get interested in the toy, but you to be interested in it.

Most likely, you won't be able to get the cat to play with a ball. But you should at least be able to get it to play with a feather, a string, or a feather wand.

Most cats love feather wands. These are great toys because they can teach the cat to swat and move things around, but they're not going to be too interested in jumping or biting things.

Once you have that, you can start looking for ways to let the cat get back to where it came from when you got it.

If you have a cat that loves to play with toys, then you should try to get one that the cat actually likes. A feather wand would be a great first choice, but you can also choose toys with feathers inside to keep the cat company.

Some cats can get really excited over a feather toy. That's why they always want to come into play with it.

This helps to train the cat, because the cat will want to do everything to get the toy.

When the cat finds this, it can keep the toy close by. Sometimes, cats will play with a feather wand and then fall asleep with it. That means the cat might want to get close to the toy, which means they want to play.

If you don't like having the cat sleep with a toy, you should also play with the feather wand right before bed.

Cats can get a real kick out of feathers. If you leave a feather toy by the cat, it will want to play with the toy. When they do that, they will chase the toy with their mouth. That means the cat might chase the feather toy, and if it gets near to the toy, it will want to play with the toy.

That's how cats enjoy feathers and other similar objects, such as catnip. The cat might also find the feather toy in a strange location and want to check it out.

When a cat is curious about something, it will want to play with it to check out the object. That's what a feather wand is used for.

The feather wand is going to look pretty good when the cat jumps onto it and then jumps off again. Sometimes, a cat will get very excited over a feather toy, and they might jump on it and then jump off again a few times.

This will teach the cat to jump off a feather toy. The cat might even get excited about jumping

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