Kittens play with Christmas bells

So small and so playful: The little cats in the video below are probably already looking forward to Christmas. They have cheekily grabbed a few Christmas bells and can't stop romping around with their new toys ...

"Let's make the Christmas bells ring," the sugar-sweet velvet paws seem to want to say in the short film. The owners of the little rascals brought silver-colored bells, which were probably intended for the Christmas tree, to play with. With their paws and small mustaches, the girls take a closer look at their new toys and are delighted with them.

If you want to let your kittens romp around with Christmas decorations or other materials that are not part of the usual cat toys, you should be very careful. Small bells, like in this video, can break - the kittens could swallow small parts or injure themselves. Also, the plastic tape on the decoration should under no circumstances be eaten by the velvet paws.

Are tabby kittens the cutest?

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