When animals have to sneeze ...

... it can look very funny. Whether dog, chicken, rabbit or goat: the animals in this video are just funny to scream. All they really want to do is get rid of the tingling sensation in their noses.

"Hatschi", the audience echoes several times in this video compilation. While a lion, a giraffe, a cute guinea pig and a small white dog can relieve the itchy nose with a single strong sneeze, other animals have a real sneezing fit.

A baby goat has apparently got a small grain of sand in its nose and is swinging its head back and forth to get rid of it. Several dogs even use their entire bodies when sneezing and shake so hard that they almost plop off the couch at home. A little rabbit can't stop blowing air out of its olfactory organ. Uncomfortable, this hay allergy! In this compilation, the bird shoots down a chicken: there is not only an unmistakable sneeze, but also a shrill tone. The sinuses are now definitely free again!

Smile! These animals are in a good mood

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